Kearsley Academy

Preparing for the future


With our Reward System, students can really see the value in the choices they make.

Achievement Points

Students are awarded achievement points within lessons for positive contributions, homework, being fully equipped and demonstration of the PLTS. The top 10% of students who have gained achievement points will be further recognised by the organisation of rewards trips.

Achievement Postcards

Our Student Council devised the idea for Achievement Postcards. Achievement postcards are posted out weekly from subject teachers and recognise student academic excellence and achievement. Students who receive a postcard through the post will have demonstrated significant personal achievement and scholastic excellence in a specific curriculum area. Students will also gain 10 house points for their house.

Positive Phone Calls and Happy Text

Positive phone calls and 'Happy Text' are made throughout the week for students making progress in their learning. This area of recognising student progress is part of our PLT (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills) focus on developing characteristics of outstanding learning skills for life and rewarding 'thirst for knowledge'.