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Guidance on appropriate shoes

Guidance to students and parents on appropriate shoes.

Parents, carers and students will know that as an academy we have always had high expectations of students uniform.

Parents will also recall the information we provided in the Academy update letter sent home on 15th February 2018 (link to the letter can be found below) with regards to our expectations around student footwear.

As a reminder, the uniform policy at the academy specifies that all students must wear blackschool shoes only. It has been observed that some students are arriving to the academy wearing boots or trainers. From Monday 12th March 2018 any student arriving to the academy in incorrect footwear will be provided with a suitable pair of black shoes to wear.

Where a student refuses to comply with this request a sanction will be issued in line with the academy behaviour policy.

To aid parents and carers in conversations with their child, please find below clear guidance on what footwear is and isn't acceptable at Kearsley Academy.

School Shoes

All students are expected to wear sensible footwear on the school premises. Black leather,low-heeled (no more than 1 inch high), lace- up or slip on shoes and enclosed heels andtoes.

We will not accept trainers, trainer style shoes, canvas shoes or boots (this includes 'Kickers' style boots or similar). No shoes with visiblelogos are acceptable. NOTE: You must be able to polish shoes.

Examples of acceptable shoes for boys include:


Examples of acceptable shoes for girls include:


If you are in any doubt as to whether your child's shoes are acceptable please retain yourreceipt and speak to us. Please note that the Academy retains the right to determine what isacceptable.

Academy update letter - containing a reminder about footwear