Kearsley Academy

Preparing for the future


Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

At Kearsley Academy, we aim to provide a secure and caring environment where we can meet the needs of every child. For the majority of children this is achieved through high quality, differentiated teaching of a relevant and progressive curriculum. We welcome all children in the community and ensure they all have the same opportunity to fulfil their potential and to participate in all aspects of academy life, including access to the whole curriculum.

Accessibility plan

Special Educational Needs Policy

The facilities the academy provides to help disabled pupils to access the academy building

  • The academy consists of two storey areas which are internally linked. The areas have wide corridors and several access points from outside.
  • The main hall is on the ground floor and is accessible to all. There is a lift which can accommodate a large wheelchair which is maintained on a regular basis through a service agreement with Capita. Access to the lifts is restricted and the appropriate staff and students are trained in the operation of the lift when relevant.
  • The academy has in place full access to all its facilities and has ensured that such access has been maintained in its ongoing development of additional teaching spaces. Full access is also in place to all external part of the academy's site.
  • The academy has ensured that there are sufficient washroom facilities on all floors.
  • The academy will continue to take account of the needs of its students, staff and visitors with physical difficulties and other impairments when planning and undertaking future improvements and refurbishments of the site and premises, such as improved access, lighting, acoustic treatment and colour schemes.
  • The school has internal emergency signage and escape routes are clearly marked. In the event of an emergency evacuation there are refuge areas for wheelchair users.
  • Fire warden training in respect of emergency evacuation of people with limited mobility is completed on a regular basis
  • On site car parking for staff and visitors include dedicated disabled parking bays. All entrances to the school are either flat or ramped and all have wide doors fitted. The main entrance features a secure lobby, and the reception area is fully accessible to wheelchair users. There are a number of disabled toilet facilities available. All these are fitted with a handrail and a pull cord.