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New Anti-Bullying Policy At Kearsley Academy

24th May 2019

New Anti-Bullying Policy At Kearsley Academy

'Bullying, especially if left unaddressed, can have a devastating effect on individuals. It can be a barrier to their learning and have serious consequences for their mental health.By effectively preventing and tackling bullying, schools can help to create safe, disciplined environments where pupils are able to learn and fulfil their potential'

-DFE Preventing and tackling bullying.

Our new Anti-Bullying policy sets out Northern Education Trusts ambition to eradicate all forms of bullying and reflect our commitment of being child centred. We want to ensure that all students who attend Northern Education Trust Academy are safe and protected at all times.

In the event that a student is bullied this policy sets out how we will support the victim and deal with the bullying behaviour.

Northern Education Trust are clear that bullying is never an acceptable or inevitable part of any young person's childhood.

If you would like to speak to anyone in the Academy about any concerns around bullying, please either contact the relevant Learning Manager, or contact us on the Kearsley Academy enquiry email address:

[email protected]

Anti Bullying Policy