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Podium of Proud March 11th

11th Mar 2019

Podium of Proud March 11th

Fortnightly, at Kearsley Academy we host the Podium of PROUD, where teachers and students volunteer student work that is to an exceptional standard and which shows student pride in their learning.

We always have a fantastic number of students volunteering their books and that of their peers, which showcases amazing talent and commitment.

Monday March 11th is our next Podium of PROUD and we have been reminding students to submit their books.

To share the brilliance of our students we will also start to share some of the student work via a gallery on our website, we are sure you will be as PROUD of our students as we are!

Please find Art Work nominated for the Podium of PROUD by Year 9 student Clementine Hunt, who is exploring 'beauty in art', signposting 'Leonardo Da Vinci' as a start point.