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Enrichment Activities

11th Feb 2019

Enrichment Activities

Monday Choir- Miss Gibson

Rugby League - Miss Schofield

Year 10 Business - Miss Mcdonagh


Wellbeing Wednesday - Miss Clay

Music Practice - Miss Gibson

Eco Club - Miss Gorton

Chess Club - Mr Houghton

Dodgeball - Miss Atherton

STEM - Miss Morris

Art Club - Miss Demain

English Support - Miss Butler

Year 10 Business - Miss McDonagh and Miss Choudhury


Maths Support - Mr Houghton

Drama Club - Mr Sutcliffe and Miss Brown

Rock Band - Miss Gibson and Mr Jones

Year 7/8 Football - Mr Adam


The table above contains all of the enrichment activities currently running at Northern Education Trust Kearsley Academy. Enrichment activities run from 2:30 to 3:30 every night. Enrichment activities are a fantastic way to meet new people, try new activities and develop new skills. They are also a great way to tick off one of your pledges!

In order to attend an enrichment activity you must have returned a permission letter signed and completed with which clubs you would like to attend. Please see Mr Houghton (in the Maths Department) for a permission letter if you do not have one.