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Kearsley Annual Christmas Jumper Day 2018 - Friday 21st December

14th Dec 2018

Kearsley Annual Christmas Jumper Day 2018 - Friday 21st December

On our last day of term, which is Friday 21st December, we will be having our first annual 'Kearsley Christmas Jumper Day'.

If students wish, they are permitted to wear a Christmas Jumper on this day, along with sensible non-uniform (for example, jeans instead of their usual school trousers and trainers instead of their usual school shoes etc).

Students do not have to participate and should attend in their usual school uniform should this be the case. If students do want to take part, they should bring a donation of food for the Farnworth and Kearsley Foodbank.

For the avoidance of doubt and to ensure the message cannot be confused; parents, carers and students are reminded that this is a Christmas Jumper and non-uniform day and NOT a fancy dress day (for example, students would not be permitted to have tinsel or other decorative clothing).

The day is also not a 'non-rules' day. It is really important that everyone understands that our position on Make-Up, Jewellery and our stance with Mobile Phone usage does not change just because we can wear a Christmas Jumper. Students who breach these rules will be given the usual sanctions.

Furthermore, this is still a school day. Lessons will run as normal and school will start and finish at the usual times of 8:25am and 2:30pm respectively.

In the meantime, we look forward to enjoying our final day of term. Thank you once more for your continued support.