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The Pursuit of Pledges begins, 6 week holiday challenge

17th Jul 2018

The Pursuit of Pledges begins, 6 week holiday challenge

June saw the launch of an exciting new Pledges Programme that encourages students to think about their achievements and contributions outside of the classroom environment. These 11 pledges are aimed at all year groups and allow students to build a successful portfolio to prepare them for life after NET Academy Kearsley and when looking for future employment.

This 6 week summer holiday challenge is fantastic way to achieve these pledges and start September receiving postcards and badges for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Pledges.

What are the Kearsley Academy Pledges?

Pledge 1: Regularly attend an after-Academy activity

Pledge 2: Represent the Academy in a sporting, cultural or academic event

Pledge 3: Take part in an 'outward bound' residential programme

Pledge 4: Attend an academic, cultural or national sporting event

Pledge 5: Take part in a production or event

Pledge 6: Take part in a formal presentation to an audience

Pledge 7: Be actively involved in an international experience

Pledge 8: Be actively involved in a community experience

Pledge 9: Participate in a fundraising event in the Academy

Pledge 10: Contribute towards the sustainability of the Academy

Pledge 11: Participate in twenty hours of work-discovery, enterprise or careers-related

NET Academy Kearsley are excited to kick off the autumn term with pledge achievements and set the tone for the new academic year with students keen to start gathering evidence in order to meet these unique activities from the first day back.

Good luck to all students on their pursuit of pledges in the 6 weeks holidays. It will undoubtedly be a successful and rewarding adventure, Mrs. Atherton cannot wait to hear about your pledge successes in September.