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Kearsley Academy - Top of the League for Maths Revision

13th Mar 2018

Kearsley Academy - Top of the League for Maths Revision

Kearsley Academy - Top of the League for Maths Revision

Hegarty Maths is a website and resource that Northern Education Trust has funded to provide free high quality maths revision to all of its students.

This resource logs the total number of hours that a student has spent revising, and answering assessments and maths questions.

We know that time spent completing meaningful revision will have a huge impact on the grade received by students in their maths exam this Summer - consistent usage of Hegarty Maths is linked to an increase of one to two grades in actual examination results, so this is time well spent!

This week, out approximately 2000 students, the top three Hegarty Maths users were all students at Kearsley Academy, and have logged more time improving their maths grade than any other students in Northern Education Trust.

The top 3 winners were:

Samuel Wolstenholme came third of all 2000 students at 12.5 hours logged over the week.

Olivia Bond was in second place with 15.6 hours of maths revision, and

Tejay Girdlestone achieved first place across all NET Academies with 15.9 hours of revision.

Congratulations to these students, who have each received an Easter prize this afternoon, and congratulations to all students at Kearsley Academy.

In the past week alone, Y11 students have amassed a grand total of 171.7 hours of maths revision.

We know this will make a huge difference to their exam results in Summer.

Keep up the good work!