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A busy Spring Term for Sport and Performance students set to continue

4th Feb 2018

A busy Spring Term for Sport and Performance students set to continue

Busy Autumn Term...

The Autumn Term was a busy time for students within the Sport and Performance Faculty. There was a variety of events and competitions running throughout the term and we are ready to start again. Autumn Term events included showcases from Music Dance and Drama including stunning performances in our Snowball showcase, organised by Mrs Johnson, Mr Duffy and Miss Potts, not to mention the Autumn Term final assembly performances. The sports competition calendar was busy again also with every available year group competing in Football and Netball league fixtures, a wide variety of extracurricular clubs and competitions in less traditional sports.

Please have a read through just a few of our performance highlights from last Term that the whole sports and performance faculty are proud of. A big well done to all students and staff involved, let's hope Spring Term is just as eventful and successful!!!

The Snowball Performance

What a way to end the year for Christmas. Students from Year 7 to Year 11 volunteered to showcase their amazing Dance, Music and Drama skills in front of their proud teachers, parents and extended family. Each and every performer reminded us of what a talented and confident group of performers that we have here at Kearsley Academy. A big Thank you to the academy staff who stayed behind to watch and all the parents in attendance, but more importantly the performers.

Well done to:

Beth, Leah, Lauron, Talisha, Pheobe, Demi, Junior Crew, Xtreme. All the amazing music performances including the drummers, individual performances and groups. Finally well done to the Yr. 10 Drama students who performed their piece.

'Move'mber November

November was the start of our 7:50am 'Move'ember Challenge. Each morning we had a fitness session open to all students that reinforced the message to student to keep healthy and active; it also gave Mr Baxter some motivation to get some exercise done!

Each and every school da throughout November witnessed at least 25 students coming in early to participate in at least 20 minutes of physical activity!

A special mention must go to Ciaran who did every single session along with Mr Baxter and even left the house early on the morning of his siblings' birthday that is commitment!


Handball Champions

The PE department took their newly formed mixed handball team to Rivington and Blackrod School for this year's Bolton Handball Competition. The fact that we were the only school to take two teams suggests that students were committed to represent their Academy. This commitment went along way to securing a 1st and second position finish for the Academy with both teams not losing a single game. Thanks to all the Boys and Girls who competed for their time and preparation to become Champions. Thanks for Mrs Atherton for all her hard work with the team!!

Extra-Curricular Clubs

We have had a wide and varied extracurricular programme on offer to our students within the Sport and Performance Faculty. Throughout the Term we have had extra curricula Peri Music lessons on offer, singing and voice training club, drum club and choir practice on offer from Music. Open Drama rehearsals have been on offer ever morning as well as at lunch in preparation for performances in the Snowball Production and KS4 practice. Sport and Dance have offered students the opportunity to participate in KS4 rehearsals, cheer, stretch class, mixed martial arts, morning fitness club every morning, yearly football practice, netball practice and handball club. A huge well done to staff and students for their hard work!!!


Keep your eyes open for the new clubs on offer and why not use your student voice to create an extracurricular club that would make you come along and join in, do not hesitate to speak to Mr Baxter.


Football and Netball fixtures and results

Each available year group from Year 7 to Year 10 have all represented the Academy at both Football and Netball and to add to that … with success. Special mention to the Year 8 boy's football team who continue to show their strength and have only lost 1 game since beginning their Academy football journey in Year 7. We are now experiencing some great successes and results from both KS3 and KS4 netball teams, keep up the good work!

We are looking forward to restarting our fixtures in Spring 2 when the weather is better and the evenings are a little brighter! Bring it on!

Whole school assembly performances

The Sport and Performance students capped of a wonderful year and sent everyone off to their Christmas holidays extremely happy with their amazing performances. All the singing, dancing or trampolining performances were a true showcase of your talent and hopefully an inspiration to our other students in the audience; you are truly our Sport and Performance role models. Thank you so much to everyone that performed with such confidence in front of all of their peers and also Mr McKeown, Mrs Johnson and Mr Duffy who always put on such a superb assembly.