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Kearsley Academy A- Level students show year on year improvements

25th Aug 2016

Kearsley Academy A- Level students show year on year improvements

Kearsley Academy A- Level students show year on year improvements

Students at Kearsley Academy which is one of ten secondary academies sponsored by Northern Academy Trust, have shown a strong year on year improvement across the board with their A-level results.

Results in Creative Media, Sport, Health and Social and ICT were particularly strong with 100% of students passing these qualifications and 72% students achieving an average grade of Distinction or higher. Additionally, 18 students who hope to go on to higher education have met or exceeded their conditional offers and 10 students are going on to some other form of education or employment.

Within these improved results for Kearsley Academy there have been some outstanding individual performances with Zahrah Bhatti achieving a double Distinction* in Health and Social as well as a Distinction and Distinction* in Business.Abou Gacko obtained a Distinction* and 2 other Distinctions across Business, Creative Media and ICT and Emily Clarke secured 3 Distinction* across Business and Health and Social as well as obtaining grades in A Level English and AS Psychology.

Not only have our students achieved phenomenal grades in their subjects but some of them have shown resilience and overcome adversity to do so.Exam season is a stressful time for all students but Emily Trow and Zahrah Bhatti performed particularly well in spite of difficult personal circumstances.Zahrah persevered with her studies even though a close family member fell into a coma for a prolonged period and his outlook was uncertain for quite some time.Emily Trow achieved a Distinction in Creative Media and grades in AS Maths through a difficult time as her father was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive illness.Emily focussed on her work and even sat her maths exam whilst her father was travelling for surgery in Wales.

A delighted Suzanne Pountain, Kearsley Academy Principal, was keen to offer her congratulations and thanks to her teaching staff and students for the dedication and commitment they have shown.She said:

"We are delighted with the continued success of the Kearsley Academy Sixth Form. Thanks to the hard work of staff and students results have improved yet again with improved A Level results from last year and vocational qualifications continue to perform at above the national average. We would like to express how proud we are of all our students and to wish them all well at university or in employment."

Ian Kershaw, Chief Executive of Northern Education Trust, added:

"Kearsley Academy , is making good progress and these results demonstrate that with strong leadership, high quality teaching and the right commitment from our students, anything is possible.Kearsley Academy students and all academy staff are to be congratulated."

Northern Education Trust, which is a not-for-profit charity, operates within the North-East and North-West of England and works with schools only by invitation.It was formed in September 2012.The Trust currently sponsors ten secondary and ten primary academies.

The Northern Education Trust continues to build on its reputation for quickly improving schools through a combination of strong, visionary leadership, a commitment to high quality teaching and learning and highly effective governance.