Kearsley Academy

Preparing for the future

Visible Learning School 2016

From September 2016 we are proud to announce that we will be a Visible Learning School. This is an exciting stage on our journey to becoming Outstanding and we are thrilled to be part of such a fantastic culture of learning.

Being a visible learning school, we will be leaders in knowing what impacts students learning and success the most. We have already established strong links with the Visible Learning Programme Team and we look forward to sharing more information with you. It is a great endorsement for us to have been commended not only on our teaching but also for our recognition in how we are currently teaching and developing students learning and leadership skills. Recent reviews of our current teaching and learning improvements have been described as "exemplary and innovative, with a bespoke focus on effective teaching and learning".

There are Five Clear Strands of Visible Learning

The Visible Learner

This supports students clearly knowing and being active in their learning. This focus will help students to understand where they are at, how they are doing and where they are going to next. Students will become experts at self - assessing against success criteria, as well as giving and receiving feedback, based on success criteria.

Knowing the Impact

This will provide teachers with greater evaluation on what they are doing and adjusting their teaching, according to evidence they have collected and analysed. This will further allow all students to succeed and make progress.

Inspiring the Teachers, Students and Dialogue!

This strand develops the use of dialogue within Teaching, Learning and Assessment, with a focus on positive, strong relationships with students. This engagement with dialogue will challenge students to go beyond what they thought they could achieve, evaluate their own work and see assessment as feedback about them.


This will further improve our understanding of the role of feedback in classrooms. This will enhance the power of providing students with information about where they are at, how they are doing; where they are going and how they are going to get there. Teachers will be using the four feedback levels in their practice.

Visible Learning Aligned Systems and Processes

This will verify our effective systems and processes and make sure that impact is being made on student learning and maximise achievement.